This story was submitted to us by Mark Bergeron, UNC – Wilmington.

I would like to take this opportunity to express how extremely important the Pell Grant has been for me in achieving my goal of becoming a teacher.

As a non-traditional student, many things in my life had to change when I enrolled in college, most importantly was the number of hours I was available to work. I am not only a full time student, I am also a husband, and a father of two children. The Pell Grant allows me to supplement my income and still continue to work toward my teaching degree.

At this time, my wife is also a full time college student. Two years ago she decided it was time for a new career and returned to the university for her second degree. Because she is now receiving her second college degree, she is only eligible to receive student loans. Since I am receiving Pell Grants, this enables me to take less money in student loans, which in turn have to be paid back upon graduation. Between my wife and I, the amount of debt we are incurring in student loans is beginning to mount and the less loans we have to prepay, the easier it will be to support our family after graduation.

I will be graduating in December 2011 with a Teachers Certificate in Physical Education and Health, as well as a concentration in Social Studies. With this certification, I am planning on becoming a Middle School teacher of Physical Education or Social Studies and also coaching team sports.

Thank you again for this opportunity to explain how important the Pell Grant has been toward me completing my education.

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