Who We Are

We are a coalition of 77 higher education organizations united in our support of federal student aid.

What We Want

The federal student aid programs are at risk of being cut. We need your help to tell Washington policymakers just how important federal aid is to students and the nation.

What We Support

The Student Aid Alliance supports a package of proven student aid programs to help students achieve their higher education goals without excessive debt. These programs include Pell Grants, the campus-based programs (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants [SEOG], Federal Work-Study, and Perkins Loans), Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnerships (LEAP), Federal Student Loans, Federal TRIO programs, GEAR UP, and graduate programs.

While funding has increased for certain higher education programs in recent years, the financial stress of the last two years has heightened the need for even more funding in order to meet the growing needs of our nation’s students.  The U.S. Department of Education projects there will be 19 million students enrolled in undergraduate programs by the year 2019, representing a nearly 16 percent increase in enrollment from 2008.

Recent polls show that Americans believe helping students pay for college is an important and desirable expenditure for the federal government. Investment in student aid is an investment in everyone’s future.

The public recognizes that a college education is an essential part of the American dream and the opportunity to go to college is a privilege that should be everyone’s right. The federal government should make sure that the lack of financial resources is never a barrier that prevents qualified students from going to college.

Because college graduates generally earn more, have greater financial resources, and are more likely to be employed, they make fewer demands on the public purse for needs such as unemployment compensation and health care. They will contribute far more in taxes – 80 percent more, according to a recent report by the College Board — over their lifetime than those without a college education.

How You Can Show Your Support, Too

If you also support student aid programs, consider showing that support by downloading any of the images below to embed on your site or to use when communicating with congress or the media.