My name is Allan Kelly and I spent 17.5 years in our Armed Services as a pilot. I was forced to leave the military short of retirement for a family emergency. I am able to cover my full tuition cost through my GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program, but I depend on other forms of student aid to help support my family–I am a single father of four sons.

As a parent, I spend my time going to class, taking care of our home, and helping my boys with their homework and activities; that doesn’t leave a lot of time for me to work while going to school. Student aid, in the form of Pell grants, a Benedictine grant and student subsidized loans, allows me to support the basic needs of my children and me while furthering my education. I can honestly say that without it, I would not be able to keep my head above water financially, and frankly, a home for the children and I would probably not be possible. Thank you so much for the aid provided for us so far.

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