I am the head of a single parent household and have three daughters; the Pell Grant has allowed me to receive an associate’s degree from Central Piedmont Community College and continue on to a University of North Carolina, Charlotte for my bachelor’s degree. My education has allowed me raise my children without the aid of public assistance and support my children financially. I have also been able to teach my children the importance of an education.

My eldest child earned her bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Central University and joined the workforce with the help of Pell grants, scholarships and small loans; as my middle child prepares for high school graduation, she anticipates attending a four-year university like her sister. She, too, will need the help of Pell grants to make her dream of higher education possible. Even though it may be possible for my children to attend college on loans, having the assistance of the Pell Grant simply makes college more affordable for our family. Without grants and loans, my family would not be able to pursue higher education.

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