I’m a 62 year old veteran who has worked his whole life building our country. I have also been working on my education
since 1967, when I graduated from Forest View High School. For these past 43 years, I’ve been slowly moving toward my degree. At my age, a degree is a requirement for employment—a software engineer by trade, my experience is secondary to my education level. So, I am racked and stacked among the ranks of the un- and under-educated, even though I have two associates.

I’m currently a senior at Elmhurst College in Illinois. I have taken out loans and received grants from federal, state and college sources to allow me to work toward my bachelor’s, but that aid has now become less available. Please recognize that I have always worked and provided support not only for my family, but also my church and community. I’m not asking for a handout, but a helping ‘hand-up.’ Allow me to continue to serve my community and nation—both of which need me to be an active participant in our growth and stability!

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