This story was submitted to us by Odell Brown, John Carroll University.

I am a junior at John Carroll University, and I will be the first person in my entire family to graduate from a four year university. Breaking the molds in my life and helping others do the same are my biggest passions, which embodies my decision to study English Education. My goal is to educate and inspire talented youth that will use their knowledge, character, and humanity to build a legacy of commitment and service to their community and profession.

I know reaching one student will help others, and cultivate a legacy of mentorship. Teaching is my passion, English is the vehicle I will use to drive the next generation to be all they can be.

I have truly been blessed with the opportunity to attend a private and prominent school like John Carroll University. The people I have met and the relationships I have formed are truly priceless. Financial aid is what got me into the door at John Carroll. Since I have been here, I have worked as a Tour Guide, recreation desk attendant, Intramural referee, Resident Assistant, and Orientation leader — all in order to do my part in paying for my education.

I am literally doing as much as I can right now. If the Pell Grant (or other aid) is substantially reduced there are no other viable venues I could pursue to both work and perform well as a full-time student. I need this grant in order to continue in my collegiate career.

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