Thanks to all of our supporters for telling the Super Committee that Washington should not balance the budget on the backs of students. All told, more than 100,000 people signed the statement of support we delivered to the committee in November.  But even though the Super Committee threw in the towel, as advocates for student aid we still have work to do.

Right now, Congress is considering cuts to these crucial programs, including Pell Grants, in next year’s budget. There is still time to convince them otherwise, and there are a number of ways you can make that message heard.

Spread the word, share the statement of support with your friends, co-workers, peers, and ask them to sign the statement. There’s strength in numbers, so let others know through email, Facebook and Twitter that the student aid programs need your help.

You can send an email right now to your senators and representative telling them why student aid is important to you. Elected officials listen to their constituents, so let them know where you stand. Use the Toolkit to help plan press events and public activities to draw attention to the importance of student aid to people on your campus or in your community.

You can share your story online through the Student Aid Alliance webpage. The more personal stories they hear, the better our chance of Saving Student Aid.

We appreciate your ongoing support—your simple actions will resonate on Capitol Hill and will ultimately allow millions of students to have access to higher education.

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