My name is Shawn McClain, and I have been a student at Buena Vista University for half a year now. Previous to BVU, I attended Des Moines Area Community College and received two associates degrees in business administration. I am now working on my bachelor’s, with a double major in business administration and business management, and a minor in human resource management.

My education has been dependent on scholarships and financial aid. Thanks to DMACC and their great scholarship program, along with scholarships I received from the Exira High School, I did not have to fund my education at DMACC with any loans. But BVU has a higher tuition cost, which has forced me to fund my education through federal student loans. This year has been the first time I have ever received federal aid, and it has been a tremendous help. I received an Iowa Education Grant, which was a great relief to the burden of being in debt.

I hope the government will continue to expand state and federal aid to students, because a college education is very important in the world today. With the help of these sources of aid to students, it will ensure a bright future without the stress of paying the high cost of student loans.

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