President Obama will hold a special live Facebook town hall discussion on April 20. Facebook is selecting questions to ask the president. We encourage all friends and supporters of the Student Aid Alliance to submit questions for the event. We want to make sure the president remains firm in his support of federal student aid, and protects the programs that help students pay for college and keep America competitive.

There are two ways to submit questions:

Here are some sample questions:

  • Mr. President, the House of Representatives has voted to slash federal student aid. Will you let those draconian cuts stand in the FY 2012 budget?
  • I recognize that reducing the federal debt is key to our nation’s future prosperity. So is an educated workforce. Mr. President, how will you make sure needy students like me have an opportunity to contribute to our country’s future prosperity?
  • Balancing the federal budget is a good idea, but it should not be done on the backs of students. How will we innovate our way to a brighter future if students are not able to pursue a college degree?
  • Thank you Mr. President for fighting for Pell Grant funding. If not for the other federal student aid programs, I would not be able to continue my higher education. Will you protect the funding of the other student aid programs, too?

Take action today to support student aid!  Thank you once again for your support.

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