America’s future depends on ensuring all students have the opportunity to go to college. But President Trump proposes to cut student aid programs that keep higher education within reach for millions of students.

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“I was raised by a single mother, and both my brother and I are in college. Last year I had federal work study but they cut it this year. That’s made it a lot more difficult for my family to pay for college, but we’re managing somehow.”

-Miya, University of Maryland, College Park

What’s the latest on student aid?

President Trump’s budget proposes over $150 billion in cuts to the federal student aid programs over the next 10 years. Congress will take the next steps in creating a budget for 2018-19. With your help, we can prevent these cuts from balancing the budget on the backs of students. Ask Congress to oppose:

  • Cuts over $7 billion from Pell Grants, crippling future funding for the program, while letting inflation increases lapse;
  • Elimination of Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), which give up to $4,000 in additional grant aid to Pell Grant students;
  • Cuts Federal Work Study by more than half, which helps 675,000 students work their way through college each year;
  • Eliminates two TRIO programs and cuts funding, reducing the availability of student support services to help at-risk students stay in and complete college;
  • $103 million cut to GEAR UP programs, reducing the reach of early awareness programs so that young people are ready for college;
  • Stops the subsidized loan program for low-income borrowers; and
  • Stops the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program for graduates with careers in public and community service.

Congress can reject President Trump’s budget cuts and write a budget that instead invests in student aid. Make your voice heard against cuts to student aid by following @StuAidAlliance to learn how you can help to #SaveStudentAid and stop the #RaidOnAid.

About Student Aid Alliance

We are a coalition of 85 higher education organizations united in our support for federal student aid. The Student Aid Alliance is thrilled to bring you the Save Student Aid campaign to raise awareness about the importance of federal student aid for America’s future.