Federal investments in student aid enable millions of Americans to attend college each year and are critical to the long-term future of the nation. With additional federal student aid, students will know they can pursue their higher education goals even in uncertain times.


Contact Congress NOW to Oppose Cuts to Student Aid

The House and Senate are poised to cut funding for Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG) if they don’t hear from you now.

The House education spending bill eliminates all funding for both FWS and SEOG. The Senate version cuts $10 million from each program. If these programs are cut or eliminated, additional burdens will be placed on hardworking students who need federal assistance to pay for college, putting their pursuit of a postsecondary degree in jeopardy.

The current maximum Pell Grant award amount is protected in the House and increased by $250 in the Senate, but that is not enough. Pell and other student aid programs play a vital role in helping low-income students afford college. Federal Work-Study enables students to have on-campus jobs and SEOG provides additional grant aid to Pell Grant recipients. Without this additional aid, there will be low-income students who are unable to access a postsecondary education and earn a college degree.

Please contact your representative and senators today to oppose cuts to FWS and SEOG.