• April8th

    Recently, Rep. Paul Ryan released a preliminary budget for fiscal year 2015. Below is our response, in the form of a letter we sent to the House of Representatives–including Rep. Ryan, who is chairman of the House Budget Committee–on April 7, 2014. Dear Representative: On behalf of the millions of students, educators, administrators and college […]

  • February11th

    According to the College Board, federal grant, loan, and work-study programs accounted for for 71 percent of all available student aid during the 2012-2013 academic year. That translates into $170 billion out of a total $238.5 billion. Grants from institutions and private sources account for another 22 percent ($59 billion), and state grants provide over […]

  • January15th

    Congressional negotiators on Monday released details on the final FY 2014 omnibus spending package, which would fund all federal government agencies through Sept. 30. Among the higher education provisions in the $1.1 trillion bill are increases for research and student aid programs that begin to restore spending to pre-sequestration levels. The measure, known as the […]

  • December19th

    As Congress winds down for its holiday break, there is still much work to be done. A bipartisan budget deal is gaining steam, but we want to ensure the harmful cuts to student aid as a result of the sequester are ultimately reversed. Consequently, the co- chairmen of Student Aid Alliance, Molly Corbett Broad and […]

  • October31st

    The federal government is dealing with a lot right now — important issues such as healthcare reform, sequestration and looming budget talks. Pell grants and federal student aid is also in that mix, but we want to ensure that issue has a spot near the front of the line. Consequently, the co- chairmen of Student […]

  • October16th

    March 1 has come and gone and Congress did nothing to stop the looming budget cuts. As a result, If ¬†students who get federal aid could lose hundreds of dollars a year. We calculate the cost could be as much as¬†$876 a year in new fees, fewer work-study hours and reduced grants, and we are […]