• January21st

    It has been a while since you heard about us and our petition to Save Student Aid. Last year, your signature, along with those of more than 140,000 people like you, made sure that Capitol Hill got the message that students need support, not more cuts. We are now facing a historic moment and it’s […]

  • January15th

    The opportunity to gain a college education helps advance the American ideals of progress and equality. The precedent for direct aid to students was set by the 1944 G.I. Bill, and expanded in the National Defense Education Act of 1958. The Higher Education Act of 1965, which formed the basis for the current federal student […]

  • July5th

    Providence Journal “This New England Blog” – Opinion Piece By Clay Pell July 3, 2012 When I was a boy, my grandfather would take me on runs. “Shuffles,” he called them – 1.1 miles from the house and back. People would often stop us to thank him for helping them go to college.  By the […]

  • June13th

    All my life money has been a worry. My mom has worked low paying jobs as a sales clerk; my dad was rarely home and they divorced when I was 16. Since then, it has been my brother, my mother and me. There have been many months when we have gone without electricity and water, […]

  • June5th

    I am the head of a single parent household and have three daughters; the Pell Grant has allowed me to receive an associate’s degree from Central Piedmont Community College and continue on to a University of North Carolina, Charlotte for my bachelor’s degree. My education has allowed me raise my children without the aid of […]

  • May31st

    My name is Shawn McClain, and I have been a student at Buena Vista University for half a year now. Previous to BVU, I attended Des Moines Area Community College and received two associates degrees in business administration. I am now working on my bachelor’s, with a double major in business administration and business management, […]